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CNY Welcomes Its First Legal Cannabis Dispensary

CNY Welcomes Its First Legal Cannabis Dispensary


The first licensed cannabis dispensary in the Utica-Rome area is currently open for online orders and deliveries! 💨

Air City Cannabis will unveil its physical, fully licensed dispensary in January 2024, situated within a 5,000-square-foot space at the western edge of the Live It Downtown complex.

Although the licensing procedure took some time, the business owners express enthusiasm about commencing operations with their complete retail New York State cannabis dispensary license in 2024.

Regarding the location, Alex Carbone, the owner of Live It Downtown, shares that Air City Cannabis's goals align with his vision for job creation in Utica. He mentions, "They are going to bring 20+ jobs to this area when they open."

Distinguishing itself from the smaller stores scattered across the region, Carbone asserts that the dispensary will be unlike anything seen before. He describes it as more than a typical "head shop," featuring televisions displaying comprehensive product information. Upon entry, customers will be paired with a knowledgeable "bud tender."

In an interview with cannabis compliance attorney Matthew Leonardo via Zoom, he highlights the crucial disparities between a New York State licensed dispensary and the illicit stores that have proliferated in the region.

Leonardo emphasizes that the primary distinction revolves around public health and consumer safety. Cannabis in licensed dispensaries undergoes testing at two points in the supply chain, ensuring it is uncontaminated. Additionally, it is distributed in tamper-proof packaging through licensed distributors, offering a safer option for consumers.

Addressing concerns about potential crackdowns on illegal operators, Leonardo stresses the importance of having a legal dispensary. He states, "Having a legal dispensary means it's safe, it is tested, it has been tracked by the office since its growth."

Air City Cannabis stands out further as they do not possess a consumption license, alleviating worries about public sampling. The dispensary's website includes age verification measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Because of the presence of a New York State testing lab and a licensed cannabis dispensary in the Utica-Rome region, this as an exciting development, marking a significant moment for Central New York. ✈️

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