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Indica is a subspecies of the cannabis plant, known for its short stem and broad leaves. Indica strains are sought after for their relaxing effects. It has been known to help reduce nausea, pain, and increase appetite. Typically consumed at night.xt to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.


Sativa is a subspecies of the cannabis plant, known for its long stem and more narrow leaves than indica. Sativa is often used to elevate the mood. It is categorized as having an energizing effect, as well as stimulating to the mind.


A Hybrid is a crossbreed between an indica and sativa plant. Within this subset there can be indica dominant and sativa dominant strains.

Delta 8

Delta-8 is a chemical found in very small amounts in the cannabis plants. Because it occurs naturally in such small amounts, the delta-8 found in commercial products is usually synthetically made from CBD or delta-9 THC.
Delta-8 is a type of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in the cannabis sativa plant.
While CBD and hemp don’t have enough psychoactive compounds to get users “high,” they do contain trace amounts of delta-8 THC. The THC can be extracted from these legal sources and sold along with other legal cannabis products. While delta-8 THC is extracted from legal CBD and hemp, it has similar effects on the mind as the more common THC compound called “delta-9 THC.”

Delta 9

Delta-9 or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound in the cannabis plant that causes users to experience a “high.”
Δ 9-THC acid is extracted from cannabis flowers using a first organic solvent, then separated using a second aqueous solvent. Δ 9-THC acid is converted to Δ 9-THC carboxylic salt before being extracted by a third organic solvent and converted back to Δ 9-THC carboxylic acid.

Delta 9 is significantly more potent than Delta 8. Some experts believe it to be about twice as powerful overall. Side effects are more severe with Delta 9, including paranoid delusions, mental cloudiness, motor impairment, and anxiety.

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